Trendsetter in spraying equipment

Empas is the global specialist in spraying equipment for horticulture. Empas contributes to a healthier crop by offering horticulturists practical, user-friendly, customer-specific solutions for the application of plant protection products.

Empas has been manufacturing long-lasting spraying equipment for over 40 years. The product range includes trolley sprayers, spray booms, spray masts and cleaning machines. All products are made in-house and to order, so Empas is able to guarantee Dutch quality. After production, the spraying equipment finds its way to horticulturists throughout the world via our large dealer network.

Empas also builds custom spraying equipment. Working with the customer and their dealer, we look for the most practical, effective way to spray. We also take pride in providing a care-free customer experience through our service, advice and flexibility. In short, a grower can rely on Empas as a manufacturer of quality machines, built in the Netherlands.

Specialist in thermal weed control

Since 1999, Empas has not only been specialised in spraying equipment but also thermal weed control with hot water. Innovation, simplicity, craftsmanship and environmentally responsible practices are important core values of the company and guide all our machine building activities. Customers are assured of quality machines that are easy to use and simple to operate. Our wealth of experience means you can trust the quality of our advice.

Knowledge of the facts. Choose Empas and use that knowledge to your benefit. Years of machine building experience is your guarantee of a reliable product. The experience in greenhouse horticulture is the basis of all the modular equipment the company currently produces.