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Thermal weed control

Empas has been a specialist in thermal weed control since 1999. We provide weed control solutions for asphalt and metalled surfaces and public areas. As a municipality, landscape contractor or gardener you are assured of quality machines that are easy to use and simple to operate. 

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Innovative and environmentally friendly

Empas machines incorporate innovative, environmentally friendly hot water techniques. Thanks to the use of hot water for controlling weeds, the groundwater is not burdened with chemicals. With these solutions Empas responds to the restrictions imposed by governments on the use of chemicals for weed control.

Full-field hot water technique

When hot water (102 °C) flows over the weeds the plant's cell membranes rupture. The plant must then draw from its reserves to repair the damage of the temperature shock. After an average of three or four treatments (depending on the maintenance history of the area), the weeds are no longer able to recover, so they die. By combating weeds with the full-field technique, the hot water has a preventive effect against the sprouting of a large number of weed seeds, mosses and algae. Water is the best energy carrier to achieve this; it transfers 20 times as much energy (heat) as other thermal methods.


The hot water method can be used on asphalt and metalled surfaces without restrictions. The reason for this is that it does not contaminate the soil. Municipalities, landscape contractors and gardeners can use our machines at various types of properties to combat or remove weeds. For example, at: sports fields, playgrounds, gardens and parks, harbours and boulevards, cemeteries, company grounds, traffic islands, stations, amusement parks and museums, residential areas, shopping centres and emergency refuge areas.


After the purchase of a hot water unit, Empas ensures that you receive it in top condition. One of the specialists explains exactly how the machine works and how you can make optimum use of all the features. Then the service is guaranteed by a reliable dealer in your own region. Because the technology is simple, the machine is straightforward in its construction. This means that no complex electronics or software are needed. The result is a reliable machine that is easy to maintain.