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Cleaning and disinfecting shopping carts

Cleaning or disinfecting the shopping carts is always a tedious task that comes back regularly. With the Alaska you can easily clean or disinfect the shopping carts yourself, without having to outsource it.

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Cleaning with the Alaska

The shopping cart washer is demountable in three parts. The large rotary knobs make it easy to disassemble, so it is easy to put it away when not in use. The shopping cart washer can be used for cleaning and disinfecting. An external pressure washer needs to be used for cleaning. The pressure washer is connected to the shopping cart washer. With the use of three dirt blasters, the shopping cart is easily and quickly cleaned.

Disinfecting with low-pressure

To disinfect, connect a water hose to the low-pressure connection. The disinfectant is sucked in with the water by the injector. The injector is adjustable to different mixing ratios. With 3 spray nozzles to each side and 2 spray nozzles at the top (total of 6), you’ll get very good coverage on the shopping cart.


The shopping cart washer is suitable for any type of cart, including carts from supermarkets, hardware stores, garden centers and airports. So it is a versatile machine.


After you purchase a machine (through our dealer network), Empas ensures that you receive it in top condition. One of our specialized dealers explains exactly how the machine works and how you can make optimum use of all the features. This dealer is also your service point. Because the technology is simple, the machine is straightforward in its construction. This means that no complex electronics or software are needed. The result is a reliable machine that is easy to maintain.



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