Client case Hortispares: “Huge growth in sales of Empas products

By Selina de Lang

Thursday 21 July

Spraying solutions

“We are seeing tremendous growth in Empas product sales”

Client case

In 2020, parts shop Hortispares partnered with Empas. Two years later, the company is seeing consistent growth in Empas product sales as well as a lasting partnership: “Empas is always willing to think along with us, so that together we can meet customer demand.” Benjamin Hamer of Hortispares explains.

Good solutions

When asked which Empas products Hortispares sells, Benjamin can be brief: “In terms of parts, we sell everything that belongs to Empas’ machines and is available. In addition, we generate leads for, among other things, the sprayers, which Royal Brinkman then picks up. (Royal Brinkman is Hortispares’ parent company – ed.)”

Hortispares sells mainly to the commercial greenhouse industry and to dealers. The cooperation with Empas has been a hit from the start, says Benjamin. “The products are of good quality and parts are usually directly available from stock. In this way, together we offer good solutions for almost all customers questions.”

Historical cooperation

That Hortispares would partner with Empas is no surprise given the company's history. In fact, Royal Brinkman has been working closely with Empas since 2014. "Royal Brinkman had its own line of high-pressure pumps, the Ripa. The Ripa line was phased out in time and Royal Brinkman has been an official Empas dealer ever since."

So when Hortispares started in 2020, Empas parts immediately became part of the product range. The good cooperation continued. "We regularly share customer questions with Empas," says Benjamin. "Then we explain what the customer wants and they think along with us. At the point when there is no solution available yet, Empas is willing to think about this with us and possibly develop something."

Renowned brand

How are sales of Empas products actually going? "We've been around for two years now and we're seeing tremendous growth when it comes to Empas components. It is also simply a renowned brand, with which we are happy to cooperate." That collaboration manifests itself, for example, by working together on product development. "It's really a partner," says Benjamin.

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