New: Growmast, the spray mast for optimal crop protection

By Carel Doornenbal

Monday 20 June

Spraying solutions

Up to 10% reduction of disease pressure in your crops? It's possible with the Growmast, the new spray mast in the Empas range. This spray mast provides even better leaf coverage of the crop, allowing the plant protection products to be more effective. In addition, we have designed the mast to be easy to assemble. A beautiful combination of simplicity and craftsmanship!

Healthier crop through magnetization

At Empas we always strive to achieve the best possible application on the crop. That's why we designed the Growmast. This spray mast works on the basis of magnetization. This means that the leaf is better hit, at the top and the bottom, which improves the coverage and the effect of the spraying product. The result: less disease pressure and therefore a higher yield.

Up to 10% less disease pressure

The Growmast provides a reduction in disease pressure of up to 10% compared to the traditional Empas spray mast. This was shown in a test carried out by an independent research agency on cucumbers that were affected by downy mildew. A fluorescence test showed, among other things, that the underside of the leaves was much better affected by the application of the Growmast. Besides cucumber, we expect better results on other vegetables and ornamentals. We would like to explore this with you as a grower.

‘Plug & play’ spray mast.

As far as its use is concerned, we are keeping it simple. The Growmast is 'plug & play', which means that it is interchangeable with the existing Empas side spraying masts and requires minimal conversion. It is also available in different lengths and fits on a spraying robot, among other things. In short, it's the ease of use you've come to expect from us. The Growmast achieves the best results at a maximum speed of 2 to 3 kilometers per hour and an operating pressure of 7 bar.

Experiences with the Growmast

The Growmast is now available through the first dealer, Mertens Groep. What are their experiences? Hans Beerkens of Mertens explains: "I always say: there are less and less resources available and the requirements are getting tougher. This means that if you are going to spray, you have to do it for the 200%. You want to achieve the best possible result with the best possible spraying technique. Tests conducted by an independent research bureau have shown that the Growmast can cover up to 98% of the leaves, depending on the application method and the crop. This is a lot more than with a traditional spray mast. The result is better control and less frequent spraying."

Hans has faith in the Growmast system: "In arable farming, this technique has been used for some time, with good results. In terms of spraying techniques within the greenhouse industry, there are few developments to get a better result. The Growmast fits the bill because of its characteristics. In addition, the Growmast is an affordable and easily applicable solution."

Call: testers wanted

Have you also become enthusiastic about the Growmast? The Growmast will be ready for the market in the second half of this year, but as a tester you get the chance to try it out earlier because, in addition to testing it on cucumbers, we also want to test it on other crops. We are therefore looking for 8 growers in different crops who would like to try out the Growmast in advance.

Are you interested in the Growmast?

Would you like to help with the final tests in the coming year? Or would you like more information about the Growmast? Then contact us at or by phone at +31(0)318-525888.