The mobile shopping cart washer "Alaska"

By Carel Doornenbal

Thursday 23 April

Spraying solutions

Cleaning and desinfecting shopping carts is currently a hot topic in the context of public health. For this reason, Empas has developed a new product: the mobile shopping cart washer "Alaska". This machine is suitable for disinfecting and cleaning shopping carts from supermarkets, hardware stores and garden centers. This shopping cart washer is currently in production. The prototype was tested multiple times and will be available in May 2020.

The shopping cart washer works with a normal tap water connection and an injector and is therefore easy to use. What makes this shopping cart washer distinctive is that you can use it to disinfect and for cleaning. The disinfection works with water tap pressure (with disinfectant) and cleaning it works with high pressure, water at 100 degrees is optional. The shopping cart is sprayed by the four nozzles on both sides and three nozzles on the top. The injector can be used to set the disinfectant ratio between 0,2-2% (medium dependent). This is then mixed with the tap water. The water pressure should be about 2-2.5 bar (default value). This makes the water consumption about 7-10L per minute. With daily use of the tap, there is no chance of legionella.

The shopping cart washer was tested with a UV lamp using a fluorescent product to verify that the washer disinfects the entire cart. The results showed that the spray nozzles hit the entire shopping cart.

The mobile shopping cart washer will soon be available through our dealer Doornenbal Reiniging. For more information you can also contact them.