Weed control in small gardens

By Selina de Lang

Monday 8 May

Weed management

The ban on chemicals has not made weed control in small gardens any easier. Where previously gardeners could simply get to work with a small sprayer, the solution now has to be found in machines for thermal and mechanical weed management. But how do you manage weeds and moss and algae deposits in an effective, practical and profitable way if you are tied to machinery? We discuss it with Gerard Baars, responsible within Empas for sustainable site management with hot water.

Switch to hot water

The switch from chemicals to hot water and mechanical means such as brushes has changed a lot for gardeners in day-to-day practice. "The complaint we hear from gardeners is that for thermal weed management, you have to carry a rather large machine," Gerard explains. "In a small or harder-to-reach garden, such a machine is often too bulky and large. For example, it is too wide to fit through the gate. It is also often relatively expensive and impractical to transport."

The solution lies in a smaller machine that can be used on multiple tasks, Gerard says. Such a machine is both easier to transport and use and brings in money. One example is the compact MCE. Measuring 125 x 80 x 95 centimetres, it takes up little space in a car or trailer and fits through every door and gate. Its large wheels make it easy to roll over any kind of terrain, from soft ground to uneven surfaces such as gravel paths. This makes it easy to transport.

Multifunctional weed and moss control

In doing so, the MCE is multifunctional: it brings together weed management, moss control and cleaning. Gerard: "With the MCE you can control not only weeds, but also moss. It is also very effective against the algae deposits that are a major annoyance in spring. In addition, you can easily spray a garden bench, façade, window frame or part of a terrace with it. This is an added value for the landscaper, because you can charge extra for cleaning work, making it more economical to bring the machine along."

The MCE also allows for quiet work, which is a must in private gardens. This is because the machine has no fuel engine, but runs on electricity. Besides electricity, only water is needed and both are readily available in almost every private garden.

Getting started with the MCE

Would you like to see how the MCE works in real life? Then contact Empas by phone +31(0)318-525888 or by email at verkoop@empas.nl. We will be happy to help you.