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Clien: Walero

Application: Sweet pepper nursery

Luc van den Bosch, pepper grower at Walero, was looking for sprayers with sufficient capacity and a large water tank, so they do not have to be filled so often. Manoeuvrability was also an important criterion. The trolley sprayers from Empas were the perfect match!

Contact with the dealer

Beforehand, Walero had a number of requirements that the machine had to meet. They passed these on to the supplier, Royal Brinkman. A very satisfied Luc van den Bosch explains, ‘In no time we had received an overview of everything that was available and which machines met the requirements. Royal Brinkman is an independent advisor, so you know you are getting sound advice. The delivery via Brinkman is always easy and they are fast. We are also happy with the communication. When something needs to be adjusted on the sprayer, for example, they send someone straight away.’

Mobility is the biggest advantage

Previously Walero had a different type of spraying system at each location. At one, there was a 2200-liter powered sprayer that had to be moved with a forklift. Luc says, ‘As a result, the entire path was blocked, and when the tank was completely filled we could hardly move the machine.’ At the other location there was a 600-litre sprayer. That machine was easy to move, but the downside was that the tank had to be refilled often.

The 1500-liter trolley sprayers from Empas combine the advantages of both of the old machines. Van den Bosch says, ‘Mobility is the biggest advantage the machines offer.  Now we can easily move the tank sprayer by hand with the drawbar or otherwise with a cart, and we don't have to fill the water tank so often. This efficiency improvement helps us successfully implement integrated crop protection.’

The Empas trolley sprayers also provide the desired pressure capacity. They can carry two spray carts. ‘At the end of the season we can also spray a complete trellis with a slightly larger lance,’ says Luc van den Bosch.

"Advice from an independent dealer helps when it's time to choose"

‘Before buying, we had a number of requirements the trolley sprayer had to meet. Thanks to the dealer, we had a clear picture of the many possibilities. The price/quality ratio was one of the important reasons we chose Empas.’

- Luc van den Brink, Walero



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