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Clien: Tomingroep B.V.

Application: Weed control

Weed control through hot water solutions

Since 2007, Tomingroep B.V. Stads Beheer Service has been managing the maintenance activities in the public areas of the municipality of Hilversum. In 2015, the municipality began phasing out the use of chemical weed control for paved areas, and a year later the process was complete.

The challenge

How to make the transition from chemical-based weed control to a chemical-free approach?

Custom solution

In Hilversum, Tomingroep B.V. recently purchased two Multihog implement carriers with hot water units from Empas. Jos de Ruiter is project manager for Tomin Groenvoorziening and project manager of Stads Beheer Service. He says, We take an integrated approach in Hilversum. This means that keeping the weeds under control in paved areas is not just a matter of using hot water.’ The complexity of the transition from chemical-based weed control to a thermal method is often underestimated. It is a big challenge that requires patience, commitment, time, monitoring and a contractor with an effective plan.

Operators drive through the neighbourhood regularly and can take action quickly, so you can really keep on top of frequent management. This keeps the costs manageable. This is a unique collaboration between the client – the municipality of Hilversum – and the contractor Stads Beheer Service.

Source: Stad+Groen

"Quick transition from chemicals to chemical-free"

“Thanks to a good match between carrier, unit, operator and dealer, Hilversum quickly succeeded in transitioning from the use of chemicals to a chemical-free approach.”

- Jos de Ruiter, Project manager Tomin Groenvoorziening



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