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Ice management with salt brine

Empas stands for simplicity and craftsmanship. This is clear to see in the salt brine spray units, for example. The salt brine spray units are made in-house and to order, so Empas is able to guarantee Dutch quality. The units are available in three versions: trailed, bed mounted and three-point linkage.

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Effective and durable

The salt brine spray units are fitted with a polyethylene or HDPE tank. The unit is also equipped with a special diaphragm pump, which is very suitable for salt brine. You can choose from two different frames: a galvanised frame, optionally protected with a double-layer powder coating, or a stainless steel frame for even greater durability.

Make your implement carrier cost-effective

A salt brine unit makes your implement carrier cost-effective in the winter as well. You can use your carrier to manage weeds for more than seven months a year, and during the winter months you can use it with a salt brine spray unit to manage ice.

Sustainable technology

Empas machines incorporate innovative, environmentally friendly spraying techniques. Thanks to the use of salt brine for ice management, a lower salt concentration is used. This makes it cost-saving and less environmentally taxing.

Various tests, some of which are from brine suppliers, show that a salt brine spray unit is more effective, environmentally friendly and economical than spreading rock salt:

  • Immediate effect of the salt brine on the road surface (rock salt must first be driven over)
  • Preventive effect: Salt brine is sprayed before the road surface becomes slippery.
  • More environmentally friendly: Less salt is required. The waste, of salt that ends up in the verge for example, is therefore also considerably lower.
  • More economical: With brine, the salt concentration is much lower, so less salt is needed.
  • Effectiveness: Thanks to the precise application, the salt concentration is lower. 


Municipalities, landscape contractors and other companies that maintain public areas can use our machines for ice management in various places. For example, at: sports fields, roads, bicycle paths, footpaths, company grounds, residential areas, shopping centres and emergency refuge areas.


After you purchase a salt brine spray unit (through our dealer network), Empas ensures that you receive it in top condition. One of the specialists explains exactly how the machine works and how you can make optimum use of all the features. Then the service is guaranteed by a reliable dealer in your own region. Because the technology is simple, the machine is straightforward in its construction. This means that no complex electronics or software are needed. The result is a reliable machine that is easy to maintain.



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