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MCB 3.0

The MCB 3.0 is a hot water unit with an electric drive. By placing the machine on a vehicle or trailer, even the most difficult to reach places can be reached. Due to the slim size of the machine, the machine also fits through alleys or narrow paths. The machine is very silent and therefore suitable for cemeteries, playgrounds and care institutions. The machine is multifunctional, it can be used for cold and hot cleaning or weed control.

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Modular construction

Due to the modular construction, various options are possible, with the gas heating with electric drive being the most sustainable. An extra tank can also be added by means of an extension system in the frame, so that even more water can be taken along. The machine can be equipped with its own lithium battery pack or connected to an electric vehicle. The machine can also be equipped with a larger pump output and a double burner boiler, so that mounting on a tool carrier is possible in the largest product group.

Constant temperature

The machine is equipped with the WTFC system. When it comes to weed control with hot water, we know that the water temperature is the most important factor. This is realized by the WTFC (Water Temperature Flow Control) system. So always the right temperature despite differences in the temperature of the water in the tank and the outside temperature. The machine goes even faster to the desired temperature, monitors it and continuously adjusts.


The MCB 3.0 heats the water to 102 degrees. The machine can be used for hot and cold cleaning. The pressure for cleaning is 100 - 150 bar.

Technical data

  • Watertank: 300, 600 of 900L (kunststof)
  • WTFC-systeem (Water Temperatuur Flow Control)
  • Touchscreen bediening
  • Digitale uitlezing van functies, niveaus en status
  • Vlambewaking
  • RVS gemonteerd frame
  • Aluminium afdekkap
  • Interne haspel RVS
  • Gewicht: 486 kg (MCB met 2x300L tank)
  • Afmetingen (LxBxH): 145x100x133 (MCB met 2x300L tank)


  • Drive: electric, petrol or diesel
  • Burner: gas or diesel
  • Battery pack: Lithium cells (E-series)
  • Refueling: 300, 600 or 900L
  • All available work tools are appropriate