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Trolley sprayers 200- to 400-litre

These sprayers are made for medium-sized areas, for use in indoor and outdoor cultivation. You can choose either a petrol engine or an electric motor, and a diaphragm or plunger pump. A diaphragm pump is suitable for spraying more viscous liquids, such as lime sulphur. A plunger pump is suitable for higher pressure, for example for applying plant protection products.

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Sprayers, 200- to 400-litre (Atlanta)

The Atlanta is a mobile powered sprayer with a tank capacity of 200 or 400 litres. You can also choose from different pumps, motors and engines. The available combinations are electric motor with plunger pump, electric motor with diaphragm pump, petrol engine with plunger pump or petrol engine with diaphragm pump.

Technical specifications

  • Socket and plug or 10-metre lead with plug.
  • Hydraulic agitator in the tank (up to 60 bar)
  • Sight glass with 50-litre scale divisions
  • Clean water tank (16-litre)
  • Filler pipe with Geka connection and check valve
  • Brake on front wheel
  • IE3 motors (400V)
  • Plunger or diaphragm pump with electric motor or Honda petrol engine.


  • Spray guns with accessories
  • Hose
  • 200- or 400-litre PE tank


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