Empas Dosatron sprayer mixes pesticides perfectly

Wednesday 24 July

Spraying solutions

It is not uncommon to run into difficulties mixing pesticides to just the right ratio. The combination of Dosatron and an Empas sprayer allows pesticides to be mixed with extreme precision. With the dosing pump, you can mix pesticides easily and accurately and then pump them to a jet boom, spray mast, spraying robot or spray gun.

Flow as the propulsion for the motor piston

The dosing pump is connected to the mains water supply and uses the flow of water as the only propulsion for the motor piston. The motor piston itself drives the dosing piston, which sucks up the percentage of pesticide set by the user. The pesticide is then mixed with the propulsion water inside the machine. The mixture can then be distributed through the pipes.

Proportional mixing of water and pesticide

The quantity of pesticide that is mixed is always proportionate to the quantity of water passing through the Dosatron dosing pump. The flow of water moves the piston on the pump. Any fluctuations in pressure are unable to affect the set percentage of pesticide being injected.

Pesticide constantly on the move

The pesticide is constantly on the move as the sprayer is equipped with an additional tank, which itself is equipped with a stirring pump to mix the pesticide.

Large capacity with a small tank

The sprayer is equipped with a 400 litre tank that is used as a mixing tank. The Dosatron takes the pesticide from the small tank and mixes it with the water. The mixture is then stored in the 400 litre tank ensuring that there is always enough pesticide for spraying.

The 400 litre tank is fitted with a float which ensures that the tank remains full and never overflows. This means that you don’t need to haul around a heavy sprayer with large tank. The machine with a 400 litre tank is also extremely lightweight and agile.

Benefits of an Empas sprayer in combination with Dosatron

Empas sprayers

Empas sprayers are ideal for use with the Dosatron. Empas can manufacture customised spraying equipment and work with growers to find the most practical and effective way of spraying. Our spraying equipment can be used in various locations for the application of pesticides, for cleaning and misting. Growers use Empas in a variety of industries, including horticulture, vegetable cultivation, bedding and pot plants, fruit cultivation, arboriculture and livestock.

If you have any questions about Empas sprayers in combination with Dosatron, please get in touch with our sales team who would be happy to help you.