How do you choose the right trolley sprayer?

Tuesday 3 October

Spraying solutions

When purchasing an Empas trolley sprayer there are a number of things you should keep in mind. If you will answer a few questions, we can help you decide which trolley sprayer best meets your needs.

What do you want to spray with?

Do you want to spray with a spray boom or a spray gun? A spray boom is a good choice for larger areas. You can choose between a horizontal or vertical spray boom. A spray gun is useful for spraying small areas and for precision work.

What is the length/height of the crop?

In order to be able to select the correct spray boom, you must know the height of the crop. (For vertical spraying the nozzles should be at 35 cm intervals, for horizontal 50 cm.)
Next you can determine the number of litres per minute by referring to the liquid delivery table, and then you can multiply the number of nozzles by the number of litres per minute. Once you know the total litres per minute, so you can choose the right pump.*

What is the length and width of the row to be sprayed? Are there pipes? If so, what is the centre-to-centre distance?

We determine the length of the hose based on the length of the row.

What is the length of the aisle?

The length of the aisle determines the length of the hose on the reel. The longer the aisle, the longer the hose. (See the table for the pressure drop per 10 metres of hose.)

How many hectares do you want to spray?

With this information you can determine the size of the liquid tank. The liquid tank is available in various sizes, from 60 to 2000 litres.

Which reel will you use?

The choice of the reel is mainly based on your own requirements. We advise customers who spray large areas to use a spring-retractable or electric reel, because they are suitable for longer lengths of hose. Our range includes manually retractable, spring-retractable and electric hose reels. With the reel calculator you can assess which reel is best for you at the desired amount of hose.

*Which pump will you use?

You can opt for a diaphragm or plunger pump. A diaphragm pump is suitable for more viscous liquids, weed control products and lime sulphur. The plunger pump is for use at higher pressures and is very suitable for horticulture applications.

What is the desired size of the liquid tank?

The size of the liquid tank depends, among other things, on the area to be sprayed and how often you want to refill. The liquid tank is available in 60-, 120-, 200-, 400-, 600-, 1000-, 1500- and 2000-litre sizes.

Have these questions helped you decide which trolley sprayer suits you best? Or would you like to work through the questions with the assistance of an advisor? Our dealers are willing to help you!