Empas MCB 3.0: the new standard for sustainable weed control

By Selina de Lang

Monday 15 November

Weed management

The MCB 3.0 is the new standard for sustainable weed control and for cleaning in hard-to-reach places. It is a multifunctional, environmentally conscious, modular machine. Highly customizable.

At Empas we keep a close eye on the market and the needs in the market. Hence, this MCB 3.0 is equipped with a variety of applications and options. The machine is highly customizable. Think of a gas heating with electric drive, an extra tank on an extendable frame, your own lithium battery pack or connection to an electric vehicle.

Ideal for hard-to-reach places

The MCB 3.0 has been specially developed to weed-free or clean hard-to-reach places. Because the machine can be placed on a vehicle or trailer and has a slim design, the machine also fits through alleys or over narrow paths. Moreover, the MCB 3.0 is silent: very suitable for cemeteries, playgrounds, schools and care institutions.

Weed control with the hot water technology

Both in construction and in execution, the MCB 3.0 is aimed at sustainable weed control. Regulations regarding the use of chemicals for weed control are becoming increasingly strict. With this machine you will not be bothered by this: it uses the hot water technology. With hot water (102°C), weeds are completely destroyed in just a few treatments. The hot water method does not contaminate the soil and has a preventive effect against germs. An innovative and environmentally friendly solution for municipalities, green contractors and landscape gardeners.

WTFC Constant Water Temperature System

A particularly sustainable aspect of the MCB 3.0 is the WTFC ​​(Water Temperature Flow Control) system. When controlling weeds with hot water, water temperature is the most important factor. The WTFC ​​system ensures that the machine is and remains at temperature quickly.

Interested in the MCB 3.0?

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